Invitation to Rest

Invitation to Rest

Living Life from the Inside Out

Spiritual Formation

Benedictions of Blessing; Doxologies of Praise

I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio and attended Mahoning United Methodist Church. My Mom and Dad sang in the choir, Mom assisted as church treasurer and Dad would lead various classes and assumed leadership roles.  And much to my sister and my chagrin, we were usually one of the last ones to leave each Sunday! …

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A Spiritual Wellness Exam – Part 2

Are you self aware? Sometimes I am but I know at times I am not and I can definitely develop blind spots. Self-awareness is a popular concept in mental health. defines self-awareness in this way:  conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires. In the previous post, we began to explore the Prayer of Examen and we stopped at Step 3 of the …

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A Spiritual Wellness Exam

If we want to maintain our health, it is important to include regular wellness examinations.  These exams are more proactive in nature and a physician can help us make healthy choices as well as mitigate any risk factors. What about our spiritual health? Is there a wellness exam we can participate in where we are …

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A Spiritual Progress Report

When our kids were in school, half-way through the grading period they would come home with a “progress” report.  I think those “progress” reports were a source of angst for many parents in the school district! If we didn’t take them too seriously and put undue pressure on performance, they were just a good tool …

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The Discipline of Gratitude

Doesn’t the title of this post seem strange? Is it really necessary to categorize gratitude as a discipline? Shouldn’t gratitude be a natural, heartfelt response toward what we have been blessed with or experienced? In some respects, that is true.  Webster defines gratitude as being in a “state of thanksgiving”.  Often we are placed in …

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Developing Spiritual Resilience – Part 2

In the previous post, we talked about the Apostle Paul and his example of spiritual resilience.  He encourages us to keep our minds and hearts continually on things above and not on earthly things. I would like to continue to expand on Paul’s example by sharing the stories of two other people who experienced freedom and …

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Entering the Retreat House – Part 4

This is the final installment of this series on Entering the Retreat House. So far we have described the various aspects of the Retreat House. We enter the house with our lives and our experiences. The house is built on a foundation of community. We are not alone, we enter in the community of the …

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Entering the Retreat House – Part 3

Frozen pizza or fresh baked? Nothing wrong with a good frozen pizza especially as you walk through the grocery store late at night and you can have pizza in 30 minutes! But no matter how good a frozen pizza might be, there is nothing like a fresh pizza made from qualities ingredients made by expert …

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Protecting Your Marriage During Coronavirus

Recently there was a headline in the Daily Mail which stated: “Divorce rate spikes across China after ‘couples spend too much time together during coronavirus home quarantine’, officials claim”.  Lawyers in the UK predict similar results, stating this can happen during prolonged time together as they have seen during long holidays. Is your spouse driving …

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