Invitation to Rest

Invitation to Rest

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Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a sacred place where one brings all of themselves into the presence of God accompanied by a director or companion with “holy listening” to help the individual to seek God in the midst of their lives.

Spiritual Direction is not counseling which focuses more on mental health and relationships and where diagnosis, goals and treatment plans are created.   

When you meet with me, I will offer you time just to be.  You will have a safe place to unpack your life in God’s presence. I will not try to fix you but will listen deeply, ask questions as needed to help you open up more of your life before our Heavenly Father.  The goal is to help you move more closely to God and to see what obstacles, wounds, or attachments that might be in the way that keep you from experiencing the life that God has for you.

What Does a Spiritual Direction Session Look Like?

A typical session is 45-50 minutes.  We will be begin our time with a brief moment of welcoming each other and then will take a moment of silence to let your heart and mind settle into this space of  being in God’s presence.  I will typically ask two main questions:

  • How have you been experience God since the last time we have been together?
  • What is bothering you?  With a follow up at some point of : Why do you think that bothers you so much?
There will be other questions as the Spirit leads but these two questions are invitations from God to talk about your relationship with Him and the brokenness of life that can keep you from experiencing His presence more fully.

What Does a Spiritual Direction Session Cost?

Initial introductory 30 minute session is free.  Each session after that is $50.  

Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more about Spiritual Direction, click the button below to contact me. We can set up a free 30 minute introductory call to talk about what your are looking for and if Spiritual Direction is right for you.  All spiritual direction sessions will be conducted  via Zoom.

Information for Spiritual Direction