Invitation to Rest

Invitation to Rest

Living Life from the Inside Out

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Our goal is to provide a variety of ways for you to experience rest.  Currently, we have created two options:  1) half day retreats and 2) rest stops (1-2hr).  If you would like to have an event for your group please use the button to the right to reach out to us and we can discuss the type of rest event you would like.

Half-Day Retreats

The half-day retreats are a great way to pull away for a little while and be in the presence of God with others.  Most retreat will be a mixture of worship, short teachings, plenty of time for silent reflection, and some small group interaction. The goal to to provide a place for you to experience rest. This is not a high action, fast paced event.  The goal is that it is a place where you can “be still and know” God.

Rest Stops

These 1 to 2 hour events are a great way to get a little rest in the presence of God with others for those who do not have time for longer retreats.  Most rest stops will have a main topic driving the event with some time for worship, light teaching and time for silence.