Invitation to Rest

More Like Jesus

The following posts are written to help think about the idea of whether we can actually become like Jesus.

A Spiritual Progress Report

When our kids were in school, half-way through the grading period they would come home with a “progress” report.  I think those “progress” reports were

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The Discipline of Advent

I grew up attending Mahoning United Methodist church in Youngstown, Ohio. I have many memories of that church, especially during the Christmas season. One of

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The Discipline of Gratitude

Doesn’t the title of this post seem strange? Is it really necessary to categorize gratitude as a discipline? Shouldn’t gratitude be a natural, heartfelt response

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The Value of Rest Stops

Are we there yet? Have you ever been on a trip and heard that phrase uttered?  Maybe you expressed it yourself! Or how about this

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