Invitation to Rest

Why Am I Here?

Jesus proclaimed the Good News as the Kingdom of God is at hand.  For all, who receive Jesus and turn and follow Him, will experience the Kingdom of God, both now and for eternity. Below are some posts which talk about the good news of Jesus.

Living Out The Good News

In a previous blog, we talked about how Jesus described the Gospel as the Kingdom of God having come. We are invited to make a turn

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Kingdom Living

Jesus described the good news as “the Kingdom of God is at hand.” He meant that the kingdom is not only when we get to

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Need Some Good News?

We sure live in turbulent times! A quick scan of a newspaper, a news website, or a cable news show will provide ample evidence of

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What is the Gospel?

Who is God? What is the Gospel? Who am I? These are the three questions we are working through in the first semester of the

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