Invitation to Rest

Invitation to Rest

Living Life from the Inside Out

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Our Vision


Extending an invitation and environment for believers where they can experience a deeper understanding and connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

What Are We Offering?

We are inviting people to experience what real rest in God looks like. Dallas Willard once said “if you don’t come away for a while, you will come apart after a while.”

We intend to provide various ways for people to come away for a while to experience the healing and freedom that comes from resting with God. This will be done using a variety of offerings including:

  • Rest Sessions: Retreats ranging from 30-60 min time of resting and reflecting all the way up to 1-3 days to experience a deeper rest
  • Invitation to Rest Website: on-line interactive way to learn about rest, including an option to connect with the website host (website: )
  • On-line Courses or YouTube Channel: on-line option focusing on rest and intimacy with God
  • Rest Seminars: Series of 1-hour classes on rest and spiritual formation
  • Spiritual Direction: one-on-one meetings for individualized spiritual direction


We intend that, as participants experience these times of rest, they will grow in greater awareness of how deep the Father’s love is for them and heal from broken images of God. They will learn and experience their identity as beloved children of God.  They will be more prepared to defeat false narratives about God and themselves. They will learn that living in the kingdom of God is not just an event in the future but can be experienced now.

Our goal is to help all people to not just know about God, but to know Him personally.

Participants will also have access to practical spiritual practices and exercises that allow them to continue to connect with God and experience transformation.

Our Rest Leader

Doug Valot has spent over 30 years leading classes and counseling others through various trials of life. He is passionate to help others make the connection of the head to the heart in experiencing God’s love.

How Can I Participate?

Be watching this space for a calendar / offering of events. If you are interested in any of the potential rest offerings mentioned above, click the button below to contact us. We would love to hear from you!