Invitation to Rest

Invitation to Rest

Living Life from the Inside Out

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Settle Down

When we are at rest, we give our souls a chance to settle. As our souls begin to settle, all of the things that cause us pain and distress can be put in their proper context at the foot of the cross. At the foot of the cross, we can lay down every weight that so easily besets us.

We can picture our souls like the jar in the image below.  Most of the time we live life stirred up, looking like the jar in the first slide.  But as the slides progress over a period of time you can see the dirt, leaves, and mulch begin to settle 

We get stirred up
1 hour later
3 hours later
6 hours later
1 day later
2 days later
Previous slide
Next slide

The longer we can rest, the more time we allow ourselves to listen to God, review what has gotten us so stirred up and we see our wounding and dysfunctional coping mechanisms more clearly. 

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